Download Microsoft Fix it Portable

Microsoft Fix it Portable - a portable set of tools for the automatic address key issues and common problems on a Windows operating system.

A portable version means Fix it is recommended to use removable media (USB-media, CD / DVD-ROM), as this will make it easy to transfer means Fix it to the computer with the problem.

Categories troubleshooting tools Microsoft Fix it Portable

• Using desktop features or launch programs and files;

• Games, music, sound, and video, and view images;

• Connect to the Internet or networks;

• Installing or upgrading software and hardware;

• Print, fax, scan, share or save;

• Troubleshooting performance problems and errors or failures;

• Troubleshooting problems with security, privacy or user accounts.
Instructions on how to download and use Microsoft Fix it Portable

1. Download the online installer MicrosoftFixit-portable.exe and run the file.

2. During installation, choose a location to save the portable version of Fix it and wait for the loading of fixed assets (about 40 MB).

3. After the download is complete, copy the Fix it portable folder on the computer with the problem and run the Launch Fix it.exe file in this folder to start the troubleshooter.

4. To filter the list of troubleshooting tools, select the category that corresponds to the problem.

5. To run the desired troubleshooter, click "Start now."

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