If we consider the simplest method in getting rid of the errors is recommended to check the system for viruses or malicious code. To do this, use a powerful virus scanner that does not require installation in the system.

When a virus is detected, it is worth trying to restore the operating system from the checkpoint. In this case it is necessary to know exactly when there dll file error, and then select a restore point that preceded the event. Although this method is not always effective. In this case, many experts advise to turn to sites on the Internet and download the original dll file to install the system in view of its modification, and bit depth.

Then you need to place the downloaded file in the System32 folder in the Windows root directory or in the
C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 when you bit x64 operating system. When this file in a particular location is already present, it is necessary to make a substitution. The system is able to give out a message, which means that for the fulfillment of this operation, you need administrator rights.
With this is to agree, then copying is carried out without any problems. Then the new module to be registered, which will ensure its correct operation. It is necessary in the menu «Run» (Win + R) to register the command regsvr32 dll and the name, and then you have to press the enter key. Next is just to restart the computer, then the error will disappear.

The use of specialized software

It is worth noting that you can not deal with such things. It is necessary to find the way easier, providing the use of special software automatically searches damaged or missing system libraries such as Microsoft Fix It! or DLL Suite. When the scan is complete, the program automatically detects what is missing, as well as download the requested file from the Internet.

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